The Final Inclusions/Chapter of The Ten Commandments of Enterprise

April 1, 2014


"Reigning in Your Niche' means Ruling in Your Relationships"

Rules weren’t made to be broken. They were made to build, preserve and provide direction to suit one’s vision, goals and dreams. Whatever your enterprise, industry or practice, never sacrifice the vision or your mission to preserve your precious rules.

The law of the letter kills but the spirit of it makes alive”


excerpt from: The Ten Commandments of Enterprise

The 4th Commandment of Enterprise is RESOLUTION!

October 4, 2013


"Responsibility is the Ability to Respond"

The new revolution is the revolution of responsibility. In your planning you must become resolute in reprimanding irresponsible activity that would jeopardize standards, values and quality. Reprimand what you require; actions of others as well as your own.


“In all things be more careful and less sorrowful”


excerpt from: The Ten Commandments of Enterprise

The 3rd Commandment of Enterprise is INVOLVEMENT!

October 4, 2013


"The Root Word of Ignorance is Ignore"

In the information age that we live in, little is left hidden and undisclosed. We have access to things readily available, "literally" through a digital medium paved on an electron highway, on a global scale.

"Careware is the new Shareware"

excerpt from: The Ten Commandments of Enterprise

Welcome from Transformation Strategist DC JAMES

September 27, 2013


Welcome to the Transformational Conversations of DC JAMES, "The Head Coach" -Transformation Strategist and Author. You’re tuning into the Podcast that brings you strategies and guidance associated with life, personal, leadership, and business challenges.  My desire is to help you harness the creative potential of your Time, Talent, Treasure and Tools to accomplish your vision, goals, and dreams.



                                                                                       Announcement: Transformation Strategist DC JAMES

The 2nd Commandment of Enterprise is EMPOWERMENT!

September 26, 2013


"Empowerment is the Working Capital of Authority"

Much is abused when power is involved but that's where regulation will channel such forces. I speculate that many of us confuse "deregulation of authority" as entitlement to authority. Let's look at the possible causes...

"Order doesn't come out of chaos; order enters it and makes it behave"

excerpt from: The Ten Commandments of Enterprise

The 10th Commandment of Enterprise is CELEBRATION!

September 26, 2013


"Depravity is a sin; as is Overindulgence"

Reward comes in many forms other than the tangible materialist ones; money, vacations, plaques and gold watches. Intangible things like praise, honor, recognition and favor come with different price tags. Whether tangible or not, they are rewards that are intended to be claimed and released to those who have deserved them. 

“Hope Deferred Makes The Heart Sick”

excerpt from: The Ten Commandments of Enterprise

The 9th Commandment of Enterprise is INTEREST!

September 26, 2013


"Invest In The Field Then Build The Dream"

Time, Talent, Treasures and Tools are your only stocks for trade. And sweat may be the only return on your investment during the initial start up stages. Everyone possesses measures of something. These benefits are creatively given to us all. These commodities can grow through good investment vehicles. The worst scenario is to not invest at all.

"The Resource of an Outgoing Source Brings Income+Interest"

excerpt from: The Ten Commandments of Enterprise

The 8th Commandment of Enterprise is COMPLETION!

September 26, 2013


"Anything Worth Doing Should Be Done Well"

Well implies that it was done correctly. Everything started should finish somewhere and at sometime. The only thing that last s forever is eternity. And we’re not there because we’re fixed in time. The goal is to get one's "to do's", done by today or at sometime.

"A start is a trial on everything that has been prepared"

excerpt from: The Ten Commandments of Enterprise

The 7th Commandment of Enterprise is TRANSLATION!

September 26, 2013


"Tools Amplify Inherent Abilities"

One hallmark of being ingenious is to translate difficult, complex things into simple terms. The expertise however will be evident when you can remove any evidence of condescension toward the learned and eliminate patronizing toward the uninformed. The ultimate goal is to involve others by providing space. It is translating listeners into learners; doubters into debaters.

"Show... Then Tell... Then Shut Up!"

excerpt from: The Ten Commandments of Enterprise

The 6th Commandment of Enterprise is NURTURING!

September 26, 2013


"Discouragement is Fatigue of Motivation"

It’s like the subtle pain that sets in the muscles and joints having just accomplished great feats. It is a common occurrence. The knowledgeable have discovered that just as an athlete feeds his muscles within 30 minutes after a workout, so should an exhausted spirit be "nourished" with encouragement -whether in victory or defeat -at the beginning and towards the end.

"Encouragement is the Best Nourishment"

excerpt from: The Ten Commandments of Enterprise

The 5th Commandment of Enterprise is NEWNESS!

September 26, 2013


"Change is not a Component; it’s a Constant"

One side comes like an assault, the other like an aid. The goal is to not let the agency of change become a stranger. (Ancient Philosophy: "Count it all joy the various trials...they come to that you will not lack."). Change is the escort of our everyday experiences; whether good or bad, significant or remotely plain. 

Change has two faces; one is adversarial while the other is an ally”


excerpt from: The Ten Commandments of Enterprise


The 1st Commandment of Enterprise is APPRECIATION!

September 26, 2013


"Your Beliefs are Value Systems"

More specifically your e-value-ation process is your value system. Things become valuable because of evaluation. This commandment establishes belief in oneself and in others. We attach a note of trust to things proven to be reliable, dependable and consistent in fulfilling expectations. In fact, we esteem the little things very highly.

"Value is Measured by the Worth we give Others"


excerpt from: The Ten Commandments of Enterprise